Types of events

An exhaustive list of all the services we offer would be a bore. So here is a shorter list of our bread and butter offerings.

Long Tables & Chef events

We love great food and the relationships that develop over a well-executed dinner. We have worked with renowned and up-and-coming chefs to create unforgettable culinary experiences. Entertainment, wine and beer pairings, interesting guests and a few surprises make these nights you will remember.

Please contact Us for information or to plan long table and chef events.

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Holistic and Corporate Retreats

We host specialized retreats for individuals, or can work with you to create an exciting, yet rejuvenating and inspiring, break for your corporate team. We build packages that offer spas, reiki, yoga, expressive arts therapy, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, meditation, massage and much more customized to suit your needs.

Contact Us for more about our corporate or holistic retreats.


Galas, Awards and Fundraisers

We have had the distinct pleasure of hosting galas and fundraisers for a number of charities and this is one of our favourite types of events to work on. Exquisite dinner settings, perfect venue partners, elegant decor, amazing entertainment, exciting auctions, and working with sponsors and patrons to bring them in as a lasting partner of the charity, all while raising huge dollars for a cause. We work to build the brand, bring awareness to the cause and put much-needed donations into the hands of not-for-profits that are doing amazing work. We have even won awards for Best Fundraising Event in Canada.

When you need to the hand of consummate professionals with experience at the highest level, please consider us.

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Our team had decades of experience planning corporate events - from meetings to team building sessions to conferences and product launches we are here to help you organize every detail. We will take care of the venue, audiovisual, content creation, speaker arrangements, staging, catering, decor, entertainment and activities.

Contact Us about Corporate Events.


Support Services

Content Production

Writing, photography, video production and editing can all be handled in-house by our team. We have over two decades of film, television, audio recording, print and web content production experience. We’ve got experience at global distribution markets like Midem, Mipcom, NAB, MipTV. We can develop, produce and shoot just about anything.

Tradeshow Strategy

We plan and design every aspect of tradeshow appearances for our clients. We make sure they find the right designers, placements, printers and logistics for the job. We don’t think inside the box - at all - regular tradeshow companies do that. We are not bogged down with tired looking gear we are trying to hawk for rental - which means our opinions are genuine. We don’t sell any products, except our reliable advice.

There is also the small part where we can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Event-specialized web design and development

We design beautiful websites for each and every event in-house, using the latest practices. No need to wait for the web developers time and approval – we are the web developers - our team works closely with the event designers to create a consistent and effective look and feel online and onsite.

Major event logistics

We’ve produced some of the world’s biggest and best events. We’ve got feature film and television experience to boot. Long story short ….. We really know how to produce really big, important shows for the world stage.

Venue Strategy

We develop venue strategies as a regular part of our business. Our goal is to help eligible venues streamline operations to become more effective and profitable. We work with you to develop pricing strategies, media plans, pricing and menues to maximize your ROI.

Sponsor Acquisition and fulfilment

We work with to help you attain suitable sponsors and work on the development of their marketing strategies to match your event brand for fulfilment and event success.

Public engagement PR strategy consulting

We advise major brands attending events on engagement strategy. We specialize in tech, energy and not-for-profits.

Event Photography

Cameron happens to be a world-class photographer. See his latest project, Von Wanderlust, a collection of photo essays launching in summer 2016.

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